Radio Programme: Vive la musique classique française [fr] [中文]

RTHK 4, every Tuesdays and Thursdays from September 2016. Cantonese Programme.

Radio Programme: Vive la musique classique française
RTHK 4, every Tuesdays and Thursdays from September 2016. Cantonese Programme.

Join Distinguished Musician, Andrew Ling, French culture and travel expert, Joanne Chan, and Four for Classics host Rachel Lai, on a journey around France through French classical music. Explore unique music genres derived from distinctive French Cultures. Tune in every Tuesday at 5:30pm for this new segment “Vive la musique classique française” in Four for Classics this month!

Art begins to flourish under the reign of Louis XIV and elevated it to a whole different level. Widely believed to be the biggest art patron of all times, he transformed the art scene, from music to visual arts to writing and even to fashion. From Lully to Edith Piaf, ‘Vive la musique Classique française’ covers the whole spectrum of French classical music genres and through music, examine the French charm and how it came to be.

Now sit back, relax and be transported to France!

Joanne Chan
Born and raised in Hong Kong, French Culture and Travel Expert, Joanne Chan was educated in Canada and France specialising in art history and fine arts and subsequently obtained a Masters in Journalism. Her parents instilled a travel bug in her at a tender age where they took her around the world. She first set foot in France at 10, returning again to the country for university, that’s when she developed her passion for French history and culture. Through serendipity, she landed on a position at the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong & Macau and later became the first CEO of Le French May Arts Festival. Since then she travels to France yearly for work and vacation. She likens traveling to collecting stamps, and her French Travelogue has since collected 83 cities and towns.

Joanne Chan is founder of a boutique Cultural organisation, Per Artem Lumen. She currently sits on the board for Hong Kong Dance Company and previously served in a similar capacity at the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, Panel of Film Censorship and Harbourfront Commission, just to name but a few. Joanne also speaks and writes regularly on classical music, French culture, and the arts, and her work has appeared in magazines and on radio. She was a co-host of RTHK 2 “Vive la France”.

Andrew Ling
Born and bred in Hong Kong, Distinguished Musician Andrew Ling, graduated from Diocesan Boys’ School and was awarded a scholarship to pursue his Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degrees at Indiana University in the US. He is currently the Principal Violist at the Hong Kong Philharmonic and is well known to be a selected few local musicians who has garnered international reputation as both an accomplished Violinist and Violist.

Andrew Ling was discovered as a child music prodigy at the age of 6 and he toured around the world as a violin soloist.

Andrew Ling is a versatile musician. Apart from performance, in recent years he has been traveling to Europe regularly to hone his conducting skills and serve as a conductor.

A strong believer of the importance of a solid musical foundation, Andrew Ling spends his after work hours on music education. He has co-directed the Robert HN Ho Family Foundation Orchestral Fellowships Scheme , and was invited to serve as NTSO Taiwan Youth Music camp instructor. He is currently an adjunct faculty at the Hong Kong Baptist University and the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

In recent years, Andrew Ling was invited to present several all-French repertoire concerts, and has also been invited to collaborate with French Piano Virtuoso, Monique Duphil.

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