Political section

The political section is responsible for developing and maintaining official relations between the governments of France and of the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong.

In particular, the political section organizes official Hong Kong-France and France-Hong Kong visits involving members of each government, members of the Legislative Council or representatives of the French territorial communities.

The political section keeps the French government informed about political, economic and social issues pertaining to Hong Kong and presents the official positions of the French government on a large range of bi- or multi-lateral issues to the Hong Kong authorities.

The political section also conducts negotiations of agreements and conventions, either directly or in assistance to delegations from France.

The other departments attached to the Consulate General are under the responsability of the Consul General. Each of them, in their own field, contribute to the development of bi-lateral relations between France and Hong Kong.

The Consulate General in Hong Kong is also accredited to Macau, which, like Hong Kong, is a Special Administrative Region of China.

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publié le 03/01/2020

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