PARIS 2016

What is this programme?
The « Cité Internationale des Arts » programme is open to foreign artists (all disciplines), who wish to develop a project of creation or research in Paris for three to six consecutive months.

Who can apply?
Candidates must:
- have a regular professional activity;
- speak French or English;
- provide proves of previous work;
- be able to organize their residency on their own;
- be available (without any professional obligations) during the residence period;
There is no age limit.

Which disciplines are concerned?
Architecture / Landscaping
Art Professions
Circus arts, street art and puppetry
Classical and contemporary music
Design, graphic design
Digital arts
Popular music and jazz
Video art
Visual arts

How is the selection made?
Special attention will be given to the applicant’s professional accomplishments, to the project quality, the necessity to stay in Paris, the process the applicant wishes to follow when in Paris, the candidate’s French or English proficiency, and the contacts the candidate has already established in France.

Conditions of the residency
Institut français (Paris) will pay for a studio/apartment rental, with a surface area of approximately 40m2, at the Cité Internationale des Arts located 18, rue de l’Hôtel de Ville, 75004, Paris – France (more information:
The Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau will make sure that the laureate has sufficient resources for his stay. Local partners can support these costs.
The Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau will also make sure that the laureate has a visa to stay in France for the duration of his residency, as well as an insurance including: repatriation, hospital expenses, medical expenses and liability.

Note: the laureate will have to pay a deposit (around 426 Euros) at the Cité Internationale des Arts one month before his arrival. This deposit will be returned after inventory at the end of the residency.

Dates and duration of the residency
The duration of the residency is 3 or 6 months, according to the following timetable for 2016 (no arrivals or departures in the middle of the month are allowed):
- from January 4th to March 27th 2016 (preference for literature, youth book, comics, design, fine arts and craft work)
- from April 1rst to June 27th 2016 (preference for cinema, movies and videos, live performances)
- from July 1st to September 27th 2016 (all disciplines)
- from October 3rd to December 27th 2016 (preference for visual arts)

The Cité Internationale des Arts also provides different services to improve the residency: visitor’s stay, technical equipment, piano, French classes, pass that allows the residents to enter to most of the Parisian Museums for free… (conditions apply).

How to apply?
The application must be sent to the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau (please find contacts and information below):
- Hong Kong & Macau application deadline: October 22, 2015
- Hong Kong & Macau local selection: October 27, 2015
- final Paris selection: mid-November 2015
Applications must be submitted to:
- Ms. Souraya KESSARIA, [],
for all related cinema projects;
- Ms. Kenis LAU,
for all related books & comics projects;
- Mr. Francois LUSTEAU,
for all related visual arts, architecture, curating, design, digital arts, photography, video art projects, fashion, circus arts, music, dance, theatre projects.

Applicants must submit by email:
- a document stating their last name / first name, profession, date of birth / nationality, address / zip code / city / country, phone / mobile / email, website
- a document stating the subsidies already obtained (grants, awards, residencies...)
- a document stating current projects (shows, exhibitions, editions, talks...)
- a brief description of the project motivating the residency application (1000 characters – spaces included – max) as well as a detailed note (3 to 10 pages in French or English, indicating the motivation of the application, themes of research and nature of the works)
- any supporting document(s) and visuals or sound documents (in French or English) that may help to understand the project.
- ID Picture, passport copy
- Resume
- statement confirming that the candidate :
. is the author of the works submitted to the commission ;
. will be free from their professional activities during the whole residency period.

publié le 30/09/2015

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