The visit of Susie Morgenstern to Hong Kong [fr]

The children’s writer and illustrator, Susie Morgenstern, visited Hong Kong between 4 Oct and 11 Oct

Born in the United States, Susie Morgenstern is a children’s writer and illustrator. She published more than 100 children’s books in French. Most of her classic youth literature, like ‘’ Lettres d’amour de 0 à 10’’, were published by the famous French publisher for children’s literature, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

During her visit to Hong Kong between 4th and 11th October, Susie Morgenstern met pupils in French-speaking and local schools. She also met the public in the French bookshop Parenthèses and in the library of Alliance française Jordan Centre.


For more details about Susie Morgenstern and her works, please click here

publié le 24/12/2015

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