Journée du Goût in Hong Kong, May 4th 2012

For the second year in a row, the English Schools Foundation is delighted to host the “Journée du Goût” event in which 15 chefs and suppliers (see list below) will run parallel workshop sessions and share their expertise, knowledge and passion for food with students.


Approximately 500 students aged between 12 and 17 will enjoy this fantastic opportunity to attend the chefs’ workshops and learn about the diversity of tastes and flavors and improve their cultural and linguistic understanding at the same time.

This truly inspiring culinary and pedagogical event will be held at South Island School on Friday May 4 between 8:00am and 12:30pm.

-  JPEG Date : May 4 2012 (Friday)

- Venue : South Island School - 50 Nam Fung Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong

- Time: 8:00am – 12:30pm (4 consecutive workshop sessions of 45 minutes each / participant)

- Contact : Benoît Bardin - French Adviser - English Schools Foundation

Chefs and suppliers list + Workshop topics

- Caprice Restaurant:
Vincent Thierry (chef de cuisine) : Taste and flavors
Marike Van Beurden (Pastry Chef) : Chocolate

- Four Seasons Hotel:
Grégoire Michaud (Pastry Chef) & Mark Yeung (Baker Chef) : Whole grain bread
Hervé Fucho (Executive Chef) & Ping (Local Producer - Zen Farm) : The perfect hamburger

- Pierre Restaurant:
Nicolas Boujema (Chef de Cuisine) & Adrien Duraffourd (Pastry Chefs): Using vegetables in desserts

- Petrus Restaurant:
Frederic Chabbert (Chef) & Raphael Piveteau (Maitre d’Hôtel): French pancakes (« Les crêpes »)

- Mirror Restaurant:
eremy Biasiol (Executive Chef): Cooking with local products

- Classic Fine Foods :
Jacques Boissier (Managing Director) & Isabelle Lee: Goose liver (« Le foie gras »)

- Spanish Chefs Association of Asia :
Jordi Villegas Serra (Chef de Cuisine - JW Marriott) & Alex Fargas (Chef de cuisine - FoFo Restaurant) : Los churros

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