HK Theatre Association [fr]

HK Theatre Association Ltd (HKTA) is an organization that aspires to support and enrich art and cultural development in Hong Kong. Its goal is to provide aspiring artists, performers and the public of Hong Kong with cross-cultural experiences.

Founded in 2007 by Emilie Guillot, HKTA aims to train and encourage emerging artists to nurture their creativity and express themselves through bold new works that push the creative envelope. The organization offers professional acting workshops all year long, to adults, teenagers and young kids.

We are committed to a rigorous, adventurous and passionate exploration of a wide variety of theatrical art forms that are geared towards the global audience.

Please visit our website for more information concerning acting classes & productions:

For more information:
- Emilie Guillot
- Artistic Director
- 28510091 - 97562131

publié le 30/05/2011

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