« World Clean Up Day » Action [fr]

On Saturday September 15th 2018, for the “World Cleanup Day”, Sous Les Déchets La Plage (SLDLP) will organize a morning beach cleanup and recycling operation to inspire positive changes towards environmental protection.

This initiative supported by the Consulate General of France in Hong-Kong and Macao aims to raise awareness about the impact of plastic pollution. A perfect example of « Think global, act local », this event will demonstrate that everyone can act for a change.

Volunteers will gather in 2 areas of Hong Kong, Shek’O and Big Wave/Cape d’Aguilar, not only to pick up trash, but also to sort out waste, in order to identify recyclable plastic (that will be collected by the local companies Chungsing and V Cycle), and other specific items.

This initiative is also the opportunity for the French to give back to the Hong Kong community that welcomes it. Event open to all.

Information and registration
Website: www.sldlp.net

I. Chabrat (ichabrat@yahoo.com)
J. Metta (juliemetta@gmail.com)

publié le 31/08/2018

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