Volunteering opportunity for the SLDLP initiative [fr]

The SLDLP initiative is looking for volunteers to join its ranks to fight ocean pollution.

SLDLP is an initiative supported by the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau, which aims to raise awareness about marine pollution and the emergency of reducing waste in our daily life.

SLDLP means « Sous Les Déchets, La Plage », literally “Under the rubbish, the beach” and refers to a French old slogan. The main goal is to demonstrate that when volunteers of all ages are united under a strong commitment to make a difference, they can have a significant impact. They aim to inspire every Hong Kong resident to work on their side to preserve the unique beauty of their beautiful natural surroundings. This group of volunteers is truly engaged in the environment protection and awareness, and aims to mobilise the community’s talents and ressources around ocean protection.

In order to continue this initiative started in 2017 and perpetuate the activities, they are always looking for "Green Leaders" to help organise two to three times a year large citizen beach clean-ups. The aim of these events is also to raise awareness about the state of marine pollution, talk about alternatives to single-use plastics, and about the actions we can all take at our level.

This is your time to make a difference! If you would like to be part of the organising team and participate in setting up federative events within the community to raise awareness about the damage caused by plastic waste, contact them via this email address: info@souslesdechetslaplage.hk

More information about SLDLP: https://souslesdechetslaplage.hk

publié le 03/08/2022

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