Valuable opportunities for French speaking students [fr]

A workshop about "French Language certifications and Studies in France" was conducted on wednesday May 6, organised by the Association of Chinese Schools in Hong Kong.

More than 100 principals and career masters attended a workshop on May 6 at the Po Chiu Secondary School aiming at providing more information to school principals and career masters in Hong Kong regarding French language certifications and programmes and possible paths of studies and works in France.

Since 2009-2010, Education Bureau has launched Diversity Learning Grant in support of secondary schools to cater for students’ needs. Students are encouraged to learn one of the six languages supported by the grant (among which French), and sit for examinations administered by the HKEAA.
According to the authorities, French has been one of the most popular languages for students in Hong Kong among the six languages supported.
"From the viewpoint of life planning, the academic qualification and proficiency in French will create valuable opportunities for students to study and gain working experience in France " say the organizers of the conference.

publié le 13/05/2015

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