Upcoming CEFC Seminar: "The Three Gorges Dam: Exhibiting local worlds after the flood. The first museum of Yunyang and its architectural structure”

By Katiana Le Mentec (CNRS/URM7186 – Université de Paris Ouest, Nanterre La Défense)

The building of the Three Gorges Dam produced dramatic changes in the landscape of Yunyang county Chongqing, displacing part of the population and leading to the reconstruction of whole towns. Over the years, local government developed a number of museographic exhibitions devoted to these processes. For more information, please click here.

- Date: 13 December 2012 @ 7pm
- Venue: Room Segalen, 25/F, Admiralty Centre, Tower 2, 18 Harcourt Road, Hong Kong 

- Reservation & Contact: Heipo Leung 
cefc@cefc.com.hk / tel: 2876 6910 

- All interested are welcome. 

- This seminar will be held in English. 

publié le 05/12/2012

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