Union des Français de l’Étranger/ Overseas French Association of Hong Kong [fr]

JPEG The Oversea’s French Association (UFE): No French national is alone while abroad!

In Hong Kong, the UFE primarily organizes numerous festive events and represents French nationals living in Hong Kong within the consular commissions.

The Oversea’s French Association, founded in France in 1927, is a society recognised by public services; it is non-political and non-confessional.
It is represented in 100 countries in the world with over 170 committees, which makes up a very unique network worldwide.

One of the UFE’s objectives is to create and maintain a direct contact between French nationals abroad and France; and to defend the moral and material interests of any French national living outside of France.

In Hong Kong, the UFE welcomes and helps new comers to integrate into the local society. The association organizes regular events open to all and allowing everyone to share practical information and enjoy the activities in a friendly way:

Regular Events (check events dates on Facebook page or website):
- Monthly Cocktail "French Rendez-vous"
- Themed lunches every month

Annual Events:
- Petanque Tournament
- Beaujolais Nouveau Evening
- Kids Christmas Tree
- Epiphany cake

The UFE is also a legal member (as an association recognised by public services) of the committees organised by the Consulate General:
-  Commission of school scholarships
-  CCPAS (Protection and social action)
-  Work Commission
-  Security Commission.

Members of the UFE benefit from all the services offered by the association: a member card with privileges at numerous businesses in Hong Kong, in France and other cities in China, and a subscription to the magazine of the UFE “La Voix de France.”

Union des Français de l’Etranger (Overseas French Association of Hong Kong)
GPO Box 2430, Hong Kong
Tel : 9177 8783
Email : contact@ufehongkong.hk
Website : www.ufehongkong.hk

publié le 26/09/2017

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