Two French teachers from Hong Kong will be training with BELC [fr]

The 2015 edition of the BELC ASIA will take place from the June 29 to July 3 in Taiwain. The BELC - "Bureau of Training of French language and civilisation abroad" (Bureau d’enseignement de la langue et de la civilisation française à l’étranger) - aims to train pedagogues with innovative professional methods and techniques.


This year, two French teachers from Hong Kong University and from the Diocesan Boys’ School Primary were selected to participate in this internationally recognised course.

BELC trainings focus on four main dimensions: better teaching, better evaluating, better training and better management.
The cursus thus provides a comprehensive training. This year, two modules will be proposed by experts Pierre-Yves Roux and Agnès Foyer. Mr. Roux will essentially discuss didactic questions as well as stress the importance of written assignments, whereas Mrs. Foyer will provide examples of workshops to engage debate and develop classroom dynamics.

The opportunity to participate to a BELC training is the chance to discover or keep pursuing an enriching and dynamic career, to exchange with peers working all over Asia and further reflects the willingness of the French government to support the teaching of the French language in Hong Kong.

publié le 19/06/2015

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