The male folk dance work inaugurated The Box in Freespace, one of the largest black box theaters in Hong Kong! [fr]

[Le French May]: With West Kowloon Cultural District, Le French May co-presented choreographer Christian Rizzo’s "From a True Story", inspired by the emotions of a short male folk dance he had in Istanbul.

On 14 and 15 June 2019, the event of the 2013 edition of the Avignon Festival was replayed in Hong Kong. On a minimalist stage, this all-male ensemble mixed a folkloric gesture and a contemporary formal movement, creating a living sculpture that slowly built into a cheerful and visceral community climax. Evoking the notions of individual and community, camaraderie and competition, memory and tradition, this work touched the heart of the human experience.

Freespace is the second largest performing arts venue in West Kowloon Cultural District, home to The Box, a flexible space for cutting-edge performances.

publié le 30/07/2019

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