The influence of French business and engineering schools in Asia [fr]

The blogspot "tout sur la chine," press review of a China’s news, has published an article on May 27, 2015: "Study in Asia".

This article demonstrates the excellence of French business and engineering schools in the field of internationalization, for fifteen years. Indeed, according to a Harris Interactive survey conducted in 2013, 90% of business school students and 70% of students engineers are gone abroad as part of their schooling. Some dynamics universities are also involved.

Asia, by being a booming continent with huge needs, many European and American initiatives could have taken shape. By students’ exchanges, the creation of double degrees with local universities and the creation of campuses, Asia is found to be a key destination for studies.

Every year, over 10 000 students leave France to study in China, making this destination, the top destination for French investment properties in Asia. There are, for example, business schools such as Skema, Kedge or Ecole de management de Lyon who have taken the opportunity to open a campus in China.

Another area which France tends to export is digital and creation. Groups like Rubika (industrial design) and schools such as « Ecole de design Nantes-Atlantique» have been able to impose in China, as the French design is very much appreciated in China.

This Asian excitement can be explained because China, even increasingly India, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Vietnam are regions with the most dynamic economy in the world with a culture, lifestyle and influence that fascinate. In addition, millions of Chinese and Indians dream of acquiring a recognized diploma, offering huge potential job prospect in French institutions.

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publié le 20/12/2016

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