The Paris Fashion School by PSL will start his first Master program in September 2017 [fr]

The Paris Fashion School by PSL (Ecole Nationale de Mode et Matière, EnaMoMa), offers Master’s-level programs, summer school classes: deadline for application on 24th May.

The Paris Fashion School by PSL (Ecole National de Mode et matière, EnaMoMa) is the first public institute of fashion, textile, and materials design. Its creation was empowered by partners and members of PSL Research University Paris, benefiting from the highest level of excellence for each of its components: design with The École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs EnsAD; management with Université Paris Dauphine; engineering, materials, production, logistics, and technical and technological innovation with MINES ParisTech.

The choice of the training path EnaMoMa (which will start in September 2016) means applying for the EnsAD entry competition, and deadline for application is until 24th May.
More information about the Master program.

Registration for Summer Schools "Couleur et Mode" are also available.
More information about Summer Schools.

The competition process for entering "Ecole Nationale de Mode et Matière" (EnaMoMa):

PDF - 367.3 kb
(PDF - 367.3 kb)

Tuition fees and financing:

PDF - 343.4 kb
(PDF - 343.4 kb)

publié le 12/05/2017

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