The Night of Ideas 2020 concluded in a festive and community-oriented ambiance [fr]

The 3rd edition of the Night of Ideas was held on the 18th January, 2020 at Saint James’ Settlement in Wan Chai. Under the theme of “Revolution of sharing”, the event addressed the topic of social innovation through a diversity of formats: panel discussions, short film screenings, educational workshops, a community-oriented art project, dance and band performances.

A Night of inspiring debates

What is social innovation? Can it empower the community to build a fairer future? These were the questions tackled by representatives from social enterprises and associations from Hong Kong and France. Kelvin Cheung, Director of training of The Good Lab, Cesar Jung Harada, Director of MakerBay HK, Lea Klein, CEO Asia of MakeSense, Thierry Neveux, President of the Foundation of the French Chamber gathered for a dynamic and inspiring discussion.

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A second panel discussion pondered upon the inclusive power of arts with key stakeholders including Dr. Lesley Lau, director of Oi! Gallery, Pascal Rambert, French playwriter, Ada Y.K. Wong, founder of Make a Difference Institute, and Terence Mui, senior education officer of Caritas.

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Thanks to Sony Chan, humorist and commentator on radio and TV, for joining us as the moderator and for lightening up the atmosphere with eloquence.

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A Night of dynamic interactions

Band performance and robot competition from Yow Kam Yuen College students

The event kicked off with the outstanding performance of the students from the band of TWHGs Yow Kam Yuen College. The anthem La Marseillaise was definitely resonating to this event organized by the French consulate. Later on, students brought us an interesting robot presentation. This amazing AI machine managed to build up the blocks.

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Inside Out Project with Caritas

During the event, we have collaborated with Caritas to carry out a global art project by French artist JR – Inside Out project. 70 portraits were taken on spot and will be printed and displayed in public spaces.

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Dance performances and interactions from G.O.D. of Dance

The G.O.D of Dance has brought us an exciting performance and a live tutoring to all the participants.

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Educational Workshops

At the same time, over fifty people experienced the challenge of upcycling, by turning used corks and textile waste into cardholders and writing tools. These educational workshops aimed at fostering the eco-friendly mindset of local youth.

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Short film screenings from Videotage- Sensory/Motor

In parallel, film project Sensory/Motor was brought by Videotage, which intended to explore the interactions between social issues and video art.

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A community-oriented Night

We were happy to host people from different social backgrounds. Special thanks to our dedicated catering service, i-Bakery, who employs servers with disabilities.

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This year’s Night of Ideas has ended. We thank every collaborator, speaker, student, volunteers as well as all the participants for coming to make this event possible. We sincerely hope everyone has learnt more about the topic and benefited from the programme. See you soon!

Full round table discussions videos :
The Night of Ideas 2020 - Full round table discussion 1

The Night of Ideas 2020 - Full round table discussion 2

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