“The Last Funnyrole Home”, Hong Kong Theatre Association’s upcoming original creation [fr]

As a Le French May associated event, “The Last Funnyrole Home”, an original creation by Hong Kong Theatre Association, will be played at Y-Studio Chai Wan from 30-31 May 2018.

A Funeral home, located at the heart of Asia, has done its time. After 60 years of practise and hard work, Christy Fletcher, the homeowner, the heir of the family business, is bankrupt. She is certainly not going to back down now. She is going to fight everyone and everything till she prevents it to shut down. Only, her unexpected estranged sister’s visit pushes Christy to lie and cheat anyone in her path so she won’t face the facts there is another shareholder in the picture.

“The Last Funnyrole Home” is a powerful, sparkling dark comedy that tells the stories about an eclectic and electric group of characters into their meaningless lives. From estranged sisters to a secret lover, from a brilliant thief to hard workers, from a romantic artist to an hysterical blogger, death seems to be pointless until one day, life puts things into perspective. The whole town will finally wonder and realise that death brings astonishing surprises and fascinating encounters.


An original creation written by Emilie Guillot.
Delphine Fournier, Antoine Perl, Marion Benhamou, Jérôme Besnard, Amélie Beaumont, Michael Bobineau, Claire Goubeault, Valentine Guth, Laurette Delory, Thomas Poitout, Julien Ngo, Ludovic Debord, Miguel Urmeneta, Monica Gonzales, Neela Goswami, Melissa Jupp, Constantine Spandagos, Vita Starikova, Jemima Joy Gbadabo, Crystal Shum, Amy Percival.

Dates: 30 - 31 May 2018
Time: Doors open at 19:15 with welcoming cocktail and finger food
Show begins at 20:15
Venue: Y-Studio, Youth Square, 238 Chai Wan Road, Chai Wan, Hong Kong
In English & French, with English and Chinese simplified subtitles.

Ticket prices

Early bird before the 15th May 2018 :
300HKD for Adults/ 280HKD for children above 8/
290HKD for HKTA/UFE/Alliance Française HK Members/BNP Paribas Employees

Normal rate after the 15th May 2018 :
380HKD for Adults/ 320HKD for children above 8/
340HKD for HKTA/UFE/Alliance Française HK Members/BNP Paribas Employees

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publié le 08/05/2018

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