The French Alumni Association [fr]

JPEGExecutive Committee members of the French Alumni Association (FAA) are graduates from 80’s to 2007 from both local and overseas universities who have done their higher education training in France. They treasure their stay in France and hope to make FAA a place for meeting old pals and new friends, for maintaining and improving their knowledge & understanding of the French language & culture, for personal and professional development. They also work with the Consulate General, CampusFrance, Alliance Francaise, Hong Kong Accueil and several other organizations in various fields like cultural, educational & scientific activities.

The members of FAA are the "success stories" of Hong Kong & Macau in France. In Hong Kong & Macau, they are a group of francophones and francophiles who do not hesitate an ounce to promote France in their day to day life. The Consulate General supports and encourages the FAA for their active participation in promotion of France in Hong Kong & Macau.

If you have been to France to study and you want to become a member of FAA you may visit the website or the Facebook page of the association.

publié le 23/04/2018

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