The Franco-Swiss American quartet J.A.S.S performs at HK International Jazz Festival [fr]

The Franco-Swiss American quartet J.A.S.S is performing at the Theatre of Hong Kong City Hall on 5 October for the Hong Kong International Jazz Festival.


The Hong Kong International Jazz Festival is presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, in association with Hong Kong Jazz Association.

J.A.S.S. is a Franco-American quartet that takes its name from the first letter of its four members John Hollenbeck (drums), Alban Darche (tenor saxophone), Samuel Blaser (trombone), Sébastien Boisseau (double bass), bringing in French music influence to the public.


The group’s music is full of references to musical mastermind, rich of color and grounded inner grooves. Boisseau often plays his bass like a guimbri in Gnawa music, while Hollenbeck use the space to intermingle airy Brazilian percussion. The two horns are powerful and sophisticated, but also funny, and never overstated. It’s the intelligent tripping of a group with its very own signature, which still has more of it in the can.

“JASS challenges, celebrates and, in its own way, defines the spirit of jazz. It could be one of the bands that will play a prominent role in moving jazz forward in its latest stage of evolution and hopefully will prevent this great music from dying the death that it has reportedly been dying for the past 50 years.” - The New York City Jazz Record

As compact and well-constructed as it appears, this music cannot be easily encapsulated by one single interpretation. It invites the listener to create one’s own impression derived from the different alternatives suggested by its framework and networked connections which suggest that at any moment anything is possible. The precise attention given to the form of each piece and the constant concern for a clear structure are a fertile basis for the melodic voice and the many micro-narratives which intertwine consistently on a palette of incandescent chromatics.”

Date: 5 October 2017
Venue: Hong Kong City Hall, Theatre
Organised by: Leisure and Cultural Services Department & Hong Kong Jazz Association
Price: HK$200, $280, $380

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publié le 21/09/2017

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