The Cinémathèque française in Paris pays tribute to Hong Kong’s film art [fr] [中文]

The Cinémathèque française in Paris has launched the "Hong Kong : 20 years, 20 films" programme with Hong Kong International Film Festival to celebrate the 20th year anniversary of the handover, from 20 September to 11 October in their Paris Bercy centre.

20 films from the Hong Kong cinema were selected to honour the occasion of the 20th year anniversary of the British handover. This panorama of twenty films demonstrates challenges confronted by the local cinema under the political changes and evolution of cinematographic structures since 1997.

The selection of films pays homage to the persistent creativity of Hong Kong filmmakers and the unanticipated match of two complementary trends: the ambitious New Artistic Wave and the action film of the 1980s. But the Hong Kong cinema, like the city, does not look back. Such a cosmopolitan city is always on the move. Hong Kong is a great Asian crossroads, a place that absorbs and synthesises artistic /commercial ideas and experiences.

Hong Kong : 20 ans, 20 films - Bande annonce from La Cinémathèque française on Vimeo.

Two filmmakers have been born in recent decades, very different from each other, but demonstrate in their own ways an ability to synthesise cinematographic schools.

Wong Kar-wai is perhaps the best-known international filmmaker in Hong Kong. He has forged a personal universe with aesthetic influences and experiences from Hong Kong and China, but also from South America, France, the United States and elsewhere. His work is a form of cultural meditation, non-verbal communication and great cinematography full of nostalgia.

JPEGScene of The Grandmaster, 2009
(Photo credit: Cinémathèque)

In his own way, Johnnie To also became a figurehead of the Hong Kong cinema. His prolific work contains experiments of all kinds. It is a mirror in its time and accounts for the flows of world cinema, which partly explains its success with an international audience. There is also a constellation of his gangster films, which remind us of Jean-Pierre Melville.

(Photo credit: Cinémathèque)

Date: 22 September to 11 October
Venue: La Cinémathèque française, Paris Bercy
Price: 6,50 € (Full fare)

Details of the programme

publié le 29/09/2017

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