The Arctic : outpost of global warming [fr]

The Ny Alesund scientific base is located on the island of Spitsbergen - the main island of the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard. The archipelago is located in the area known the world’s fastest global warming.
Researchers, from Europe, America, India and China, are observing the effects of this accelerated climate warming.

In view of the COP21, Laurent Fabius opened - on March 17, 2015 - a conference on the work of scientifics on the impact of climate change in the Arctic, with his Norwegian counterpart, Mr. Borge Brende and Prince Albert II of Monaco.

On this occasion, French and Norwegian scientists and practitioners of the climate negotiations shared experiences and shared with the public. The web documentary "79 ° North," produced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, was also unveiled.


Global warming in the Arctic is going twice as fast as that observed all over the world. It affects all ecosystems, marine and terrestrial, as well as human populations living there. The causes of this warming largely originate in emissions of greenhouse gases in developed and emerging countries, far from the Arctic. In return, the climate changes in the Arctic are reflected in the northern hemisphere by extreme weather events.
Actually, the Arctic plays the role of "outpost of global warming" and prefigures the major changes afoot in the world if the international community does not act urgently to control this phenomenon.

"79 ° North: the heart of climate change" is both a Frederick photojournalism La Mure (official photographer of the Quai d’Orsay), an interactive audio experience and a web documentary parallax, providing an innovative navigation.
It is above all a journey that takes us in Ny Alesund, the science base the northernmost in the world, located near the 79th parallel north.

Find out on this new web documentary produced by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Development. Just clic there.

publié le 19/12/2016

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