Teaching in English with Special French Curricula [fr]

La Fondation ESF (English School Foundation)

The ESF foundation is organized to support French-speaking students who are enrolled in the schools of ESF (presently one hundred students). They can take the International Baccalaureate with French as the first language. They can take the DELF-DALF examinations, this ensures for them the access to higher French education.

The foundation organizes supplementary French courses for such students. Some schools organize the supplementary courses within the curricula and develop twinning programs with French schools. (For example: South Island School)

This school offers education to Jewish confession children and a number of French students are enrolled in the school. The school pays a great attention to curricula in French language.

This school offers a diversified and well-developed linguistic education, which is part of the school project. The school successfully educates a number of French students. It has developed twinning school programs with France, both at primary and secondary levels.

Numerous international schools in Hong Kong provide English-speaking education which is the path to international baccalaureate. Some of them offer French language education.

publié le 22/01/2014

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