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Le plaisir d’apprendre

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Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs has collaborated with Cavilam to publish educational materials for French teachers.

They provide:

  • Teaching notes and suggested activities to combine media and multimedia into language class.
  • Notes on educational innovation.
  • Selected workshops for professional upgrading of teachers
  • A list of useful books and thematic sites

7 jours sur la planète

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Learning French tells you about the information of the world.
Partnered with the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and l’Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF), a weekly television news report with subtitles is now accessible online. « 7 jours sur la planète » meets a demand and a new challenge: to combine the teaching and learning of French with international information, presented and discussed through French channels.

For this reason, the interactive exercises – prepared by the CAVILAM (Centre d’Approches des Langues Vivantes et des Médias de Vichy) and CELF (Centre Européen de Langue Française)/ Alliance Francaise of Brussels – are available for free download from the web.

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The website of TV5 Monde consists of a rich educational and multimedia column which is instructive and ludic. Learn French is now possible with www.Apprendre.TV and www.Enseigner.TV

www.Apprendre.TV is designed for French learners who want to improve their knowledge. www.Apprendre.TV provides interactive activities from short video activities. The auto-corrective exercises allow each learner to enhance one’s oral skills, acquire and revise vocabulary and grammar. The exercises are presented through thematic collections: news, fine arts, discoveries, French-speaking cultures, gastronomy, traditional French know-how, travelling, cinema……

The platform is totally freely accessible without passcode.

Le monde en français avec RFI

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The website of Radio France Internationale, in the <> column, provides tools to learn and teach French: multimedia resources and can be downloaded and re-played on demand.

Among the educational materials, there are listening exercises, online courses and teaching notes which include “thematic folders” (youth language on films, game with words after Oulipo and Perec or Queneau.); <> (sounds from French regions, traditional recipes, trips to French castles, etc.); <> (a short excerpt of <> combining the comprehension of journalistic and oral speech.)

Each of these programs comes with texts, photos and training activities in oral comprehension <

> (ready to use).

Sites répertoriés par Francofil

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In Francofil, the newsletter for promotion of French language, one can find a selection of classified sites which appear to be the most completed and interesting for the teachers of Français Langue Étrangère (FLE, French As a Foreign Language) or Français Langue Seconde (FLS, French as a Second Language).

Fiches pratiques de Franc-Parler

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Dedicated to the French teacher community, www.franc-parler.org provides:

  • Access to teaching resources with regular updating
  • Communication between the platform users
  • Basics of professional education
  • Access to useful information

Magazine Label France

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The news magazine <

Outils innovants pour enseigner

To meet the demand and create a modern French education both fun and alive, the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs promotes the creation and dissemination of innovative tools, such as multimedia (Internet website, CD-Rom, online courses, numeric methods……) or audio-visual (cassettes and DVD of news reports, French-speaking clips and songs.)

Universcine - Le meilleur du cinéma français

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The French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs has set up a website with the firm << Le meilleur du cinéma français>> which provides the French cultural network around the world with a collection of movies easy to download and to show on the basics of non-commercial screening. This is complementary to the collection of classical 25mm films available on DVD and provided by the Bureau du Film of the French Ministry. A hundred of full-length films, among the most remarkable independent productions in the last few years, are available on the website with English and Spanish subtitles.


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Developed with the support of the European Commission, DIALANG allows one to decide one’s foreign language level, and to identify one’s strengths and weaknesses. DIALANG provides carefully designed and scientifically validated tests, as well as informational advice from experts useful for skill upgrading.

publié le 05/02/2014

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