Talk on INTANGIBLE SPACE exhibition at Puerta Roja Gallery

Come and enjoy a talk on INTANGIBLE SPACE exhibition at Puerta Roja Gallery, one of the associated projects of Le French May 2016 - animated by Prof. Felipe Cucker.


By revealing intangible links between Art and Science, Prof. Cucker will bring us upon this bridge!

The event will give you a chance to visit the Puerta Roja’ exhibition privately and enjoy the good time with friendly people around a glass of wine!

Details of the visit are as follows:
§ Date: 28 June (Tuesday)
§ Time: 7:00 pm
§ Venue: Puerta Roja (Shop 3, 1/F, SOHO 189, 189 Queen’s Road West)
§ Numbers of seats available: 25
§ Free admission

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More about the exhibition:

Distinctions between virtual and physical territories are no longer tenable as technology and social media transform contemporary perception of space, time and environment. Opening a dialogue between the works of digital artist Miguel Chevalier and the bamboo sculptor, Laurent Martin “Lo”, Puerta Roja’ Gallery explores the ways in which different artistic processes effect viewer’s perception of ‘Intangible Space’. Using a wide array of artistic mediums; projection, digital print, sculpture, and mobiles from both artists it investigates new contrasts and negations of space imposed by the digital world, between moving sculptures and the modern and less tangible world we live in. More info

Prof. Felipe Cucker is a professor of Mathematics at CityU (who wrote the book "Manifold Mirrors: The Crossing Paths of the Arts and Mathematics", Cambridge Univ. Press, 2013)

publié le 16/06/2016

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