Talk on French cinema: “Gone with the red?”

By Violaine Caminade de Schuytter

JPEG Veiled reference to the famous American movie “Gone with the wind”, in which Scarlett, proud and dressed in all red, must confront the right-thinking society of Atlanta… What does red colour mean? Colour of love? Of transgression? Of blood? Through a selection of legendary French movies, Violaine Caminade de Schuytter will tell us the filmmakers’ conceptions of the most powerful and controversial colour.

- Date: Thursday February 23rd, 2012
- Time: 7 :00 pm
- Venue: Alliance Française Library, 1/F, 52 Jordan Rd, Kowloon
- Free entrance
- Language: English
- Movie’s excerpts in French version with English subtitles.
- RSVP: / Tel: 2730 8598

publié le 10/02/2012

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