Talent Passport – Highly skilled individuals

It is mandatory to obtain an appointment online to apply for a visa. Application time slots are between 8:30 and 12:30 from Monday to Friday.

On scheduled interview, applicants must come in person with their passport and all original documents, with a complete set of photocopies. The Consulate won’t do any photocopies and it won’t be possible to complete your application later.

All documents submitted to the visa department have to be written in French or English. If not, they have to be accompanied by a certified translation.

France has created a new type of multi-year residence permit for the most skilled applicants who wish to live in France. It is valid for up to 4 years and simplifies the administrative procedures for foreign nationals living in France.

If you have a work project, the renewable “Talent Passport” allows you to carry out the professional activity of your choice in connection with your project.

Your family members (spouse and dependents) can be granted a “Talent Passport – family member” permit. It entitles the spouse to work in France.

The “Talent Passport” is divided into the following categories:

1. Recent graduate
Eligibility :
- you obtained a degree from a registered school or university in France, at least equivalent to the Master degree level, and are employed in France
- you are employed by an “innovative start-up” (jeune entreprise innovante) and participate to its R&D activities

2. Highly skilled workers (Carte Bleue européenne / European Blue Card)
Eligibility :
- you have a highly skilled job with a work contract valid for at least a year
- you have validated at least 3 years of studies or 5 years of professional experience in an equivalent position

3. Intra-group transfer, with a French work contract
Eligibility :
- you are going to work in France for a company of the same group as your current employer
- you have a French work contract

4. Researchers
Eligibility :
- you have at least a Master degree
- you are going to France for a research project or to teach at university level
- you have a hosting agreement (Convention d’accueil)

5. To set up a new company
Eligibility :
- you have at least a Master degree or 5 years of professional experience
- you have an actual economic project in France and want to set up a new company
- you have already invested a minimum of 30 000 EUR

6. Innovative economic project
Eligibility :
- you have an innovative economic project in France (new product, service, etc)
- your project is recognized by a French public institution (French Tech Ticket, local administration, public company, etc)

7. Economic/financial Investor
Eligibility :
- you acquired a significant share of a French company
- you will create new jobs in the company or maintain its current employees number
- you are investing at least 300 000 EUR

8. Company representative
Eligibility :
- you are going to be the representative of a company located in France
- you are already employed by a foreign company of the same group

9. Artist/Performer
Eligibility :
- you are an artist/performer or the author of literature or artistic pieces
- you are going to be engaged in artistic activities in France for at least 3 months

10. Person internationally or nationally renowned in their field
Eligibility :
- you can justify of your international or national renown
- your activities are in one of the following fields : sciences, literature, arts, education, sports, intellectual sphere
- you have a project in France

For more information and to obtain the list of required documents for each category, you can contact us.

CAUTION: between mid-April and late July getting an appointment can take up to one month.

Note: we cannot issue a visa more than 3 months before your departure date.

publié le 05/04/2017

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