Taipei Biennial 2014 "The Great Acceleration" (13/9/14 - 4/1/15)

Taipei Biennial 2014
The Great Acceleration
- Sep 13, 2014 - Jan 4, 2015
Taipei Fine Arts Museum
- Address 181, Sec. 3, ZhongShan N. Rd. Taipei, Taiwan
- Open Hours Tuesday—Sunday 09: 30—17: 30
- Saturday 09: 30—20: 30

For anyone planning to travel to Taipei soon, be sure to go visit the Taipei Biennial 2014. «The Great Acceleration» explores thematically the geophysical era in which we currently live in, which scientists has termed the “Anthropocene”. Human being’s impact on the world is now more powerful than any geological or natural force, yet contemporary individuals are feeling paradoxically more powerless of influencing their surrounding reality. The relationship between the living and the inert has become the main tension of contemporary culture, and artificial intelligence occupies the middle ground as an arbitrator. This exhibition is a reflection of the current plight of human’s relationship with the world, and prompts audiences to renegotiate their relational reality and reconsider the role of art and culture in this new mental landscape.

«The Great Acceleration» is curated by renowned French art scholar Nicolas Bourriaud and sponsored by the Bureau Français de Taipei and Institut Français. It features the works of 53 artists from around the world, including the works of French artists Gilles Barbier, Neïl Beloufa, David Douard, Camille Henrot and Laure Prouvost. The exhibition is open to the public from Sep 13th 2014 until Jan 4th next year. For more information please visit


publié le 23/09/2014

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