Study in France – last week to apply our scholarships [fr]

French higher education is built on one of the most attractive education systems in the whole world with its distinguished quality at an affordable price. In recent years, students in Hong Kong and Macau have also become part of the student body which renders France the 1st destination in Continental Europe for international students.


Every year, the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau join hands with our generous partners to offer you various scholarships to study in France. For Example:

- Alexandre Yersin Scholarship (Master, all disciplines)
- Summer Linguistic Scholarship (Bachelor, French language)
- L’Oréal Scholarship for research internship (PhD/PostDoc, biology)
- French and Law Scholarship (Bachelor, law)
- “Discovery Scholarship: art market and conviviality in Paris” by IESA (Certificate, French language and culture / art market)
- Studialis group: IESA-PSB school Scholarship (Master, management / art and culture)

The application deadline of most scholarships is coming soon: 12th April 2013. Do not waste any time and come to our website for an ONLINE APPLICATION:

publié le 05/04/2013

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