’Study in France’ Virtual education fair: Win an iPad mini!

The ’Study in France’ Virtual education fair is a virtual education exhibition aimed at promoting French higher education institutions and programmes to prospective students and academics from Asia. Initiated by the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong & Macau, the event is co-organized by the official academic services of French Embassies and Consulates of 9 countries and regions in Asia.

To celebrate this event, the consulate general of France in Hong Kong and Macau has decided to organize a game for Hong-Kong and Macau permanent residents to win an iPad Mini!

How to proceed?

1° Visit Campus France booth

2° Share the Campus France Booth on your Facebook (cf image below)


Be careful, it has to be a public sharing so that we can check the post.


3° Get as much likes on the Facebook post as you can!


4° Send a caption of your screen

Send a caption of your screen* by e-mail to lavender.cheung@consulfrance-hongkong.org before Tuesday 25th November, 11:59 p.m. (Hong Kong time).
Your email must include: First Name, Last Name, Address, Date of Birth, Email, your Facebook name and the first 3 digits of your Hong Kong/Macau ID.
The winner will be the one with the most likes** on his post!

*The file must be a .jpg or .png file and mustn’t exceed 4Mo.

**If there is more than one participant getting the same amount of likes, the one sending us his/her photo the earliest will be the winner.

Contact: Consulat général de France à Hong Kong et Macao
Dr Isabelle SAVES Attaché de coopération Scientifique et universitaire (+852) 3752 9981;
E-mail: virtualfair@consulfrance-hongkong.org

publié le 19/11/2014

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