Study in France - Virtual education fair

1- Presentation

Instigated by the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong & Macau “Study in France” Virtual Education Fair is an innovative education event with a two-fold aim:

  • Helping students and academics from Hong Kong and Macau to understand and experience higher education in France;
  • Encouraging academic cooperation between institutions from France, Hong Kong and Macau.

2- Innovative virtual education event

The "Study in France" Virtual Education Fair provides a user-friendly, interactive 3-dimensional online platform to navigate. Instead of travelling to an exhibition centre, visitors sit in front of their computer, smartphone or tablet, “walk through” the virtual Exhibition Halls and check out the virtual Institutions’ Booths. It is also possible to attend the seminars at the Conference Room, and gather information of all institutions in the Press Room.

3- Interactive real-time interaction with representatives & alumni

Each institution has a booth in which it’s possible to watch their presentation video, download the relevant documents, and most of all: chat with the French representatives and institutions’ alumni by email, chatroom or even webcam during the real time interaction period.

4- Comprehensive panorama of french higher education

Many people know about travelling in France, what about studying in France? This “Study in France” education fair showcase the panorama of French higher education to students and academics from Hong Kong and Macau. It features universities and institutions of a large variety of disciplines, ranging from business, engineering, humanities, arts and design, French language to many others. The French higher education system is also presented by Campus France at its own booth and during seminars.

5- Promoting partnerships & exchanges between french & hk/macau institutions

Besides benefiting students planning to go on university exchange in France, or those seeking a language course, a Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD programme in France, our Virtual Education Fair provides an occasion for institutions in France and in Asia to get to know each other. Exchanges, academic or research partnerships between French and local institutions are what we encourage, so as to enhance academic excellence of both regions.

publié le 04/01/2017

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