Study in France - Virtual Education Fair 2014 (19-21/11) [fr] [中文]


’Study in France’ Virtual education fair is a virtual education exhibition aimed at promoting French higher education institutions and programmes to prospective students and academics from Asia. Initiated by the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong & Macau, the event is co-organized by 9 academic cooperation services.


In this virtual event everything is online: from their computers, scholars, students and academics will visit the virtual booths hosted by representatives of the French institutions at their offices in France.

The ’Study in France’ Virtual education fair is powered by our sponsor IMASTE. It is presented as follows.

  • 1. IDENTIFICATION: When a visitor reaches the platform, he/she can register or log on the event.
  • 2. NAVIGATION: Once logged on, the visitor arrives at the Reception Hall and can then navigate inside the Halls of the fair. The visitor can do an orientation test which will help him to identify the best suited institution very easily.
  • 3. GATHERING OF INFORMATION, EXCHANGES: The visitor can visit the institution booths, read or download their documentation, and discuss with their representatives in real-time by instant messaging (chatroom*) or video-conferencing (webcam).



Date of the event
From 1st of November 2014 to 31st of January 2015.
2 real time interaction periods of 3 days :

  • 19-21st of November 2014
  • 14-16th of January 2015


The access to the fair will be free for visitors.

Registrations are open for universities:


Study in France? Just one click away!

This event is supported by Campus France, Alliance Française, IMASTE and Association Culturelle France-Hong Kong Ltd.

publié le 19/12/2016

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