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Campus France (Hong Kong Office) is the official organization in Hong Kong and Macau helping local students to study in France.

Campus France (Hong Kong Office) and its activities

Campus France is the French national agency for the promotion of higher education, international student services and international mobility. It is a public institution under the supervision of both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Higher Education and Research in France.

Located at the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau, the Campus France (Hong Kong Office) in charge by the Academic Officer and Campus France Representative of the Consulate, offers a range of free services to help students from Hong Kong and Macau to prepare for their studies in France.

Before making an appointment with the Officer for a consultation session email us or you may visit firstly the website of Campus France Hong Kong ( which provides a detailed presentation of the French higher education system and contains a collection of practical information about studies in France.

Obtaining a student visa

To apply for a student visa, you should provide the necessary documents. Once you have these documents ready, you can book an appointment with the Campus France Hong Kong Office here. You will also be required to fill in the Attestation form you can find here and send it to us via email to at least 2 days prior to your academic interview.
Afterwards only, you may go to the Visa Section.

Obtaining a scholarship

- Alexandre Yersin Excellence Scholarships: This programme, created in 2000 and financed by the Consulate General, offers scholarships for excellence each year in the following domains: business, law/political sciences/administration, science/ engineering, design/architecture/urban planning, hotel management and fine arts.

- Eiffel Excellence Scholarships: This programme, created in 1998 and financed by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, offers scholarships for excellence in the following fields: economics/ business, law/political sciences/administration and engineering.

The Consulate General of France and some of its partners are offering other scholarships. Campus France is also providing more specific scholarships, for more details please check out the Campus France’s website. For more info, browse the France-Hong Kong Scholarships Booklet.

University Exchange Programmes between French and Hong Kong / Macau institutions

Since 1998, more and more university exchange programmes have been created between French higher education institutions and their counterparts in Hong Kong and Macau. Students interested in taking part in one of these exchange programmes should contact the appropriate department (e.g. international office, faculty, college, etc.) at their university.


There is no automatic equivalence between French and Hong Kong / Macau diplomas. The French host institution determines the equivalent diploma in the French system based on certified true translations of the diploma submitted by the student.

To obtain an official academic and professional recognition of non-French qualifications, one may contact the ENIC-NARIC France and apply for a Comparability Statement.

Translation Services

Certain official organisations in France may request you for certified, translated documents (e.g. organisations of the Housing Allowance in France CAF may require a certified, tranlsated birth certificate for any applications)

The Consulate General DOES NOT provide English/French translation services. To obtain a list of translators sworn by the Supreme Court of Hong Kong and recognized by the Consulate General, you may click here. 

For the certification of translations (a fee is charged), you may come directly at the Reception Counter of the Consulate General during the office hours for the service. Please note that we only certify translations done by the recognized translators in the aforementioned list.

Please call our Switchboard at 3752 9900 for any inquiries.

Applying for a 1st year university in France

- Foreigner students in the last year of their secondary school (or those who already own a secondary school diploma) who wish to apply for a 1st year university in France need to download the "Dossier Blanc. Candidate will need to come to the French Consulate in February to pass a test in order to check their language capabilities.

- Students passing their French "baccalauréat" (or already owner of this diploma) in a school outside mainland France need to apply via the "Post-Bac Admission".

All the forms available on the Ministry of National Education are also available at the Cultural, Education and Science department of the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau (25 floor).

Applying for a 1st year of Higher School Preparatory Classes in France

These courses consist of two very intensive years (extendable to three or exceptionally four years) which act as a preparatory course with the main goal of training undergraduate students for enrollment in one of the grandes écoles. The workload is one of the highest in the world (between 35 and 45 contact hours a week, plus usually between 4 and 6 hours of written exams, plus between 2 and 4 hours of oral exams a week and homework filling all the remaining free time).

Students who wish to apply to the Higher School Preparatory Classes need to process via the "Post-Bac Admission".

French Alumni Platform

If you have studied in France before, you are welcome to be a member of France Alumni. Therefore you will be able to stay connected with France by a few clicks on the social network.

France Alumni is an online platform aimed at promoting access to job, training, scholarship and internship opportunities. This online platform also allows its members to communicate more easily and to be kept informed of cultural and touristic news in France.

French Alumni Association

The Consulate General supports financially the French Alumni Association which presents every year the directory of the Alumni of the French Academic Institutions of Hong Kong & Macao. French Alumni Association aims to foster and enhance the bonds of friendship among permanent residents of Hong Kong & Macao who have studied in France and individuals with keen interest in French culture. Many outdoor and indoor activities are organized by this association.

This association is presided by Mr. Jacky LAU with a group of dynamic committee members, who ceaselessly organize and participate in various kinds of educational, scientific and cultural activities.

Videos about studying in France


For enquiries about Studying in France and the academic interview of the student visa, you may contact our CampusFrance Hong Kong Office using the contact form below.

Please note that for any visa enquiry, you should call our switchboard at 3752 9900 and ask for the Visa section.

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