"So French So Innovative Exhibition" showcasing French technology & innovation in Central Market 10-23 Nov [fr]


To most people, France epitomizes culture, fine wine, gastronomy or glamour and luxurious lifestyles. Less known is that France is a real land of innovation, with high-technology developments in every industry. Most of us in Hong Kong are also unaware that French technology has long featured in our daily lives.

The French Consulate, the French Foreign Trade Advisors in Hong Kong and Le Comité France Chine join hands in presenting the “So French So Innovative Exhibition”, illustrating some facets of French technological innovation. The exhibition will be held at the Central Market on 10-23 November 2014, featuring some French solutions to tackle challenges presented by a world that is becoming increasingly urban, connected and service-oriented.

An interactive journey will be created for visitors through multi-media: touchscreens and videos will illustrate some of the innovations showcased, as well as creative images, animation, video and audio effects.

Dedicating this exhibition to the Hong Kong community, five sections in the exhibition will each focus on the following themes:

  1. Hong Kong Daily Life – how French technology has been adopted in HK daily life
  2. So French,So Sustainable – for Sustainable Industries
  3. So French,So Efficient – for Sustainable Mobility
  4. So French,So Advanced – for Innovative Services and Design
  5. So French,So Connected – for Information and Communication Technology

Exhibiting French Companies:
- VINCI Construction
- Saft
- Airbus Helicopters
- HK Tramway/Veolia RATP
- Cap Gemini
- Geodis Wilson
- Native Union
- Hologram Industries and
- AnimakitsStudio

For more info :

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Press release So French So Innovative Exhibition
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publié le 14/11/2014

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