Scientific cooperation : Oceano mission (26 Apr - 2 May) [fr]

Prof. SEMPERE Richard (researcher at CNRS) et Prof. BURGEOT Thierry (researcher at l’IFREMER) are going to participate in the end of April to many events in environmental-related areas.

Guests :

Prof. Richard Sempéré, Director of Resarch at CNRS

Prof. Thierry Burgeot, Director of Research at l’IFREMER

Within their sociable, cultural and scientist actions, the French consulate of Hong Kong and Macao and the French consulate of Canton (China) co-organized a professional visit for both the professor SEMPERE Richards, an Oceanographer and director of research at CNRS (Director of the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography) and the professor GURGEOT Thierry, Director of research at IFREMER (the French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea).

This is to support the Unites Nation Climate Change (COP 21), which held in Paris in december 2015 that both consulates decided to mutualise theirs efforts to promote actions for environmental protection. Many conferences, laboratories visits and scientific coffees are planned to be organized during all 2015.

The theme of Ocean, Rivers and Climate appear to be a good way to communicate and sensitize people about climate change.

Both professors from theses French research institutions (CNRS and IFREMER) are expected to participate to many events in all theses establishments:

⇒ The State Key Laboratory in Marine Pollution (Hong Kong, China)
⇒ The Swire Institute of Marine Science of School of Biological Sciences (Hong Kong, China)
⇒ Le Lycée Français International in Hong Kong (China)
⇒ State Key Lab of Marine Environmental science (Xiemem, China)
⇒ Third Institute of Oceanography (Xiemem, China)
⇒ The South China Institute of Environmental Sciences (Guangzhou, China)
⇒ The State Key Laboratory of Tropical Oceanography (Guangzhou, China)

The Oceano mission, which is planned to be hold from 26th April to 02nd May will also be a good opportunity to enhance communication about French expertise in theses environment-related areas.

If you need further information :

Dr Isabelle SAVES
Attaché for Science and Academic Affairs

Scientific officer

Scientific officer

publié le 30/12/2016

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