Science Rendez-Vous: Human Space Odyssey (29/11/2016)

For its 15th anniversary, the Kee Club has kindly offered its support to the French consulate and together they organized a new series of "Science Rendez-vous".


The last few years have been a boom for humanities interest in Space. We’ve seen the first commercial space flights, astronauts eat food they grew themselves on the International Space Station, unmanned rockets fly into space and return to a platform at sea, a space probe named Rosetta land on a comet, and so much more.

Could space become "the next frontier" as Gene Rodenburry fictionalized in the series Star Trek? Is the future of humanity with global warming and potential conflict in need of safe haven? Is space colonization possible?

During the next Science Rendez-vous, Professor Quentin Parker from the Hong Kong University and David Goldsmith from Goldsmith Organization will discuss a few questions related to Human in Space.

FIRST: You cannot join? No problem, follow us on Facebook! The Event will be broadcasted live HERE on the FB page of the French Consulate on 29th of November at 7pm!!

Where: Kee Club - 6/F, 32 Wellington St, Central, Hong Kong
When: Tuesday 29th of November 2016 7-8pm
Fee: Free of charge – Mandatory Registration
REGISTER HERE for the coming Science Rendez-Vous ou via Email:


More about the new series of “Science Rendez-Vous” HERE.


About "Science Rendez-vous"

Dedicated to a large audience, these monthly talks - aim at taking part in the dissemination of scientific culture in Hong Kong. Through informal talks and exchanges with the audience, renowned experts from France or Hong Kong will popularize a large variety of scientific topics.

The « Science Rendez-Vous » will stay close from topical issues and will keep an eye on ground-breaking discoveries made by French or local teams as well as teams working in cooperation between the two countries.

The talks will be given in English in the following format: 40-minute speech followed by a Q&A session fostering interaction between the speaker and the audience.

About the speakers

Prof. Quentin A Parker

Professor Parker has 30 years experience both in academia and government based scientific research institutes in the U.K., Asia and Australia. He is an eminent scientist, with over 500 publications and over 11,000 citations credited to his work. Professor Parker has won numerous awards for research, teaching and scientific leadership including the Gutenberg Chair in Strasbourg in 2013 and has a profound interest in the education of the next generation of young minds to be global but scientifically literate citizens. He has a long interest in Chinese culture and a strong entrepreneurial record.

More information on Prof. Quentin A Parker here

David Goldsmith


Leadership and management expert David Goldsmith is a consultant, advisor, speaker, telecast host, author of more than 500 published articles on topics such as strategy, technology, new product development, marketing, customer service, innovation, and forecasting to name a few, as well had been a part of the NYU SPCS Faculty for 12 years. He is co-founder and President of Goldsmith Organization LLC based in Syracuse, NY.

More information about Mr David Goldsmith here

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