“Science-Rendez-Vous” - Art&Math: A love Story (6/9/2016)

Kids are going back to school and so their parents should follow their path and obviously join the first “Science Rendez-vous” that will be exploring the inspiring relationship between art and math – introduced by Prof. Felipe Cucker.

The paths of the arts and of mathematics have crossed in many occasions. Most of the times, it is the nature of artistic pieces that is influenced by mathematical ideas as a result of this crossing but occasionally it is the other way round.
As in a love story, let’s overview these crossings where influence went in both sides.

Prof. Felipe Cucker is a Chair Professor of Mathematics at City University of Hong Kong. This French Alumni main research subject encompasses various aspects on the foundations of computational mathematics. In addition to this, he has an interest on, and has written about, topics such as the mechanisms of bird flocking or the relationship between arts and mathematics.


Join us for this first “Science Rendez-Vous” at Kee Club!

What: « Science Rendez-Vous » - Art&Math: A love story by Prof. Felipe Cucker
Where: Kee Club - 32 Wellington St, Central, Hong Kong
When: September 6, 2016 (Tuesday) 7pm
Fee: Free – Registration Needed HERE
The number of tickets will be limited to 60./This event is free and consumptions have to be paid directly to the bar.

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About "Science Rendez-vous":
Dedicated to a large audience, these monthly talks aim at taking part in the dissemination of scientific culture in Hong Kong. Through informal talks and exchanges with the audience, renowned experts from France or Hong Kong will popularize a large variety of scientific topics.

The « Science Rendez-Vous » will stay close from topical issues and will keep an eye on ground-breaking discoveries made by French or local teams as well as teams working in cooperation between the two countries.
The talks will be given in English in the following format: 30 minutes speech usually without any PowerPoint presentation followed by a Q&A session fostering interaction between the speaker and the audience.

If you want to subscribe to our mailing list whereby information will be given regarding these events, please email us by mentioning « Subscribe » in the email title.

Around 10 days before the « Science Rendez-Vous », an e-invitation will be sent with the subject of the next discussion and the link to book the number of places required.

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