SMADJ in concert on 29th January 2017 [fr]

The French Tunisian oud player will give a concert in Salon 10 on 29th January 2017!


Jean-Pierre Smadja (aka Smadj) was born in Tunisia. Arriving soon after in Paris, he became one of the landmark of the capital effervescent scene. Dropping the guitar for the oud (Turquish or Arabic lute), he made himself a name at an international scale with his electric and wild arrangements of the most traditional taksims (instrumental and solo introduction of a maqâm). Mixing acoustic and electric is Smadj’s signature: his repertory is going from traditional oud – with or without effects and MIDI processing) to electric. He collaborates with Talvin Singh , Amit Chatterjee, Rokia Traoré, Mehdi Haddab, Dom Farkas, Natacha Atlas , Ibrahim Maalouf ...

Place: Salon 10, 10 Arbuthnot Road, Central Hong Kong
Date and Time: Sunday, 29th January, 9pm
100 HKD at the door

Organized by Tsong Dao Prod and Salon 10.

publié le 20/01/2017

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