[Technology] SATURN, Programmable Rail Safety I/O (SIL0, SIL2, SIL4) Network by ClearSy of France

Based in Aix en Provence and in Paris, ClearSy develops and commercializes electronic and software safety solutions for the rail industry. The French company is now introducing SATURN, a new hardware platform dedicated to managing remote I/O systems for rail.

SATURN is a new platform and a robust, high-availability safety solution. It coordinates remote I/O management systems and is an ideal solution for rail applications. Easy to configure, Saturn significantly trims the wiring and cost requirements to which rail is subject. It is suited for both TCMS (Train Control Monitoring System) use or on the platform and track side applications.

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SATURN can be installed on trains, both new and under renovation. It can also be installed on platforms and track side applications; and used to run specific parts of the system, such as switches or platform screen doors / automatic platform gates in subway stations.

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The SATURN system is based on a range of remote I/O modules operating at different safety levels (SIL2, SIL3 or SIL4), in which a controller unit manages the ring communication network and an innovative and open communications protocol, enabling a 1m/s cycle time. Users may also customize their SATURN system to suit their application.

About ClearSy:

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ClearSy is a French SME that specializes in producing software and safety systems certified SIL1 to SIL4, the highest levels in the field of rail. A major figure in the rail industry, ClearSy has worked with Alstom, Bombardier, GE Transportation, Siemens, the RATP and Thalès. From its position as an SME, it produces fully-safe turnkey systems, from design to validation, verification and the ultimate go-live.

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For more information, please visit:
www.fersil.fr (French Railway Website – French Version)
www.fersil-railway.com (French Railway Website – International Version)

publié le 07/12/2015

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