Researchers from Hong Kong and France meeting organized by the Consulate General of France [fr]

In the context of their venue to Hong Kong (HK) for the conference « The International MultiConference of Engineers and Computer Scientists », Dr Yoann Sallaz-Damaz (CNRS researcher) and Dr Christophe Berzin (CEA Engineer) from the Institute of Structural Biology of Grenoble (IBS, CNRS/CEA/university Joseph Fourier) went to the Chinese University of HK on the 14th of Marsh, 2013, to meet researchers from the Faculty of Sciences. The faculty was represented by Pr Henry WONG, Dean of the faculty, Pr Zuowei XIE, associate dean for research, and eminent researchers from the faculty: Prof Pang-Chui SHAW, Prof Bo ZHENG, Prof Jiang XIA and Shannon AU.


Created in 1963, Chinese University of Hong Kong is one of the 7 major universities of Hong Kong, present at the top of international rankings: 40th place of the QS world and 5th place of the QS Asia in 2012. This campus of 137.3 hectares, located at the north of Hong Kong territories, host roughly 15 000 students distributed in 8 faculties (Arts, Business administration, Education, Engineering, Law, Medecine, Sciences, Social sciences). The faculty of sciences has actually 2 800 students, it is compounds of two schools (Chinese medicine and life sciences) and 4 departments (Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics).

After a presentation of their research in the field of protein crystallography by Professors Pang-Chui SHAW, Bo ZHENG, Jiang XIA and Shannon AU (Ref CUHK), Dr SALLAZ-DAMAZ and Dr BERZIN presented results of their research work about robotic applied to crystallography led at the synchrotron of Grenoble (Ref IBS). The meeting has been followed by a visit of the faculty Sciences laboratories, showing the first choice equipment of the science Faculty.

This exchange between French and Hong Kong researchers has been the opportunity for Dr Isabelle Saves, Attaché for Science and Academic Affairs, and to Maël Le Bail, Scientific officer, from the Consulate General of France at Hong Kong and Macao, to promote the supporting program of the French Ministry of Foreign affairs about scientific and technologic internationals exchanges. There is two main programs existing to support such exchanges between France and Hong Kong:

  • The Hubert Curien program (PHC) “Procore” jointly developed by the French Ministry of Foreign affairs, with the support of Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research and the Hong Kong Research Grant Council (RGC).
  • The program “ANR blanc international” jointly developed by the French National Agency of Research (ANR) and the RGC.

We hope that this first meeting between researchers of the IBS and CUHK will be the first step of a successful collaboration between those two Institutions, participating in the development and reinforcement of scientific cooperation between France and Hong Kong.

You are a researcher in a French institution and have the opportunity to travel to Hong Kong? You want to meet high level researchers from Hong Kong in your fields? Do not hesitate to contact the Consulate General of France at Hong Kong and Macao who will help you identifying and organizing your meetings.

Contacts :

Dr Isabelle SAVES

Attaché for Science and Academic Affairs


Scientific officer

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publié le 25/03/2013

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