Reception held, in honour of the Senator Jean-Pierre Cantegrit, and the bureau of the CFE (the social security fund for French citizens living abroad).

A reception was held at the residence of France, on the 15th of October 2010, in honour of Mr Jean-Pierre Cantegrit, Senator representing French citizens living abroad, and the bureau of the CFE whose president is Mr Cantegrit.


This reception gathered representatives of the French community in Hong Kong and Macau.

During the reception, the Consul General of France, Mr. Marc Fonbaustier, paid tribute to the Senator Jean-Pierre Cantegrit and his action for the French community living abroad, in presence of Ms Monique Morales, Mr. René Aircardi and Mr. Thierry Consigny, all counsellors at the Assembly for French Citizens Abroad


(from left to right) René Aicardi, Senator Jean-Pierre Cantegrit, Marc Fonbaustier, Monique Morales and Thierry Consigny

The Senator Cantegrit, talked about the importance of China for the CFE (China being the third country in the world with the most people members of the CFE) and the significant growth of new members in the last few months, particularly in Hong Kong. He expressed his satisfaction after his visit in Hong Kong and the different exchanges he had.


(from left to right) René Aicardi, Senator Jean-Pierre Cantegrit, Marc Fonbaustier

Mr René Aicardi, then, made a speech to thank the CFE for their constant dedication they have for the social security of the French citizens living abroad. He also took this opportunity to pay tribute to the professional efficiency and human qualities of all the French “structures” in Hong Kong which serve the French citizens as well as the relationships between France and Hong Kong.

publié le 11/04/2016

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