REVOLVER - For the first time in Hong Kong [fr]


January 23 (Wed), 8pm
Grappa’s Cellar

Revolver’s chamber pop first hit the headlines in 2009.

Far from being just a concept, these were three real-life boys, long-time friends who play acoustic guitar and cello and sing in harmony. All of this with complete sincerity and an undeniable sense of melody. Ambroise Willaume (vocals, guitar, piano) and Jeremie Arcache (cello, vocals) were classically-trained and met as kids at France’s prestigious Maitrise Notre Dame de Paris music school. The pair later teamed up with Christophe Musset (vocals, guitar) to form the basis for their current band.

They went on to record their acclaimed debut album ’Music For a While’, spearheaded by an instant hit Get Around Town that drew a big audience in their native country, selling over 100,000 copies and earning two nominations for the Victoires de la Musique (France Music Awards), for Best debut Album and Best New Live Act.

The band soon left Europe and hit the North American roads. With their ears full of Kurt Vile and Bruce Springsteen they toured the States - including remarked appearances at both CMJ and SXSW Festivals 2011 - fascinated by the exciting buoyancy of the scene. What it brought to them in return was a sense of serenity, the feeling of at last finding a family.

In 2012 they return with their sophomore album, Let Go, which faithfully captures that journey. Produced by Julien Delfaud, it showcases their unbridled desire to make a whole lot of people get up and dance with tracks like ’Wind Song’, ’Let’s get together’, ’Brothers’ and ’When you’re away’…and their own slow dance, ’Still’.

publié le 11/01/2013

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