"Projet Noir" : cultural week about the Night and the Black (4-9 Nov) [fr]

"Projet Noir" is a cultural and festive week about the Night, about the Black. It features an exhibition, a contemporary dance piece, a drama play, a curio-cabinet boutique and a black food dinner.
- 4-9 November 2014
- The Space, 210 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


The idea germinated then came the impetuous desire to work with this raw matter, for a meeting with the lost dark, for a search for a variety of artistic forms which would allow us to trace the night, to evoke the after-evening, to taste the dark.

Projet Noir offers an exciting ballad in search of the beauties, the secrets, the pleasures and the symbolism of the Black, of the Night.


Opening Night

Projet Noir opens Tuesday November 4th, at 6pm. The public is invited to visit the exhibition, the cabinet of curiosities, to enjoy various performances as well as to meet the artists with a cocktail.

Nate Green’s black food dinner for Projet Noir

The first night at 9pm a curious black gourmet dinner is served to adventurous lovers of good food and art. First inspired from a black dinner in"La vie mode d’emploi", novel by Georges Perec, then completely redesigned by our chef Nate Green, this dinner offers a chance to experience the strange but wonderful combination of cooking and the color black, to enjoy the taste of the dark. The dishes are not the only thing served during this very special time, thanks to the joint work of artists of Projet Noir and Nate : all of our five senses will be wooed: taste of course, but also sight, smell, hearing and even touch! With this unique dinner-performance, Nate Green & Projet Noir offer a tremendous opportunity for a full experience. "Black is a color" said Matisse. Would the black also be a taste?
(booking only / dress code: Black)

Exhibition : Christophe Bonacorsi (paintings)

Christophe Bonacorsi only conceives his work in the form of series that he develops from a single subject. Along with an important serie of monkeys and dogs, he is interested in his own face and body, painted in multiple ways, often in huge formats where a single color (black) is usually used. After numerous exhibitions in France (Bally & Roseacide in Paris, Domi Nostrae in Lyon, Beyruth, etc…) Projet Noir gives us the opportunity to see his work in Asia for the first time.

Drama : “We lost the Night” (in French, English subtitles, Cantonese booklet)

"We Lost the Night" was created for Projet Noir and written by Fabrice Michel in collaboration with Lalie Choffel. The piece, performed by two actors and a dancer, is inspired by Pascal Quignard’s text “La Nuit Sexuelle" (The Sexual Night) in which, based on the observation of various large pictorial works (Bosch, Dürer, Raphael, Titian, Rembrandt ...) the author continues his discussion initiated with “Le sexe et l’Effroi" (Sex and Terror) about the original act ,about the impulse that gives life, about human, mythical and romantic mechanisms accompanying love, life and death. The play raises the question of the origins of being and attempts to express the inexpressible of this "first sparkle in the deep night".
- Directed by : Fabrice Michel
- With : Fabrice Michel, Jezabel d’Alexis & Yang Hao
- Lights : Fabrice Michel & Jezabel d’Alexis.
- Duration : 60mn

Dance “Vespers”

New creation from a Hong Kong based collective lead by Alice Rensy with dancers from China and Hong Kong (working here together for the first time) the piece results of a research carried out in Hong Kong using a music selection carefully structured as a base and first source of emotion. Dancers’ movements, solos, duets and video interventions embody nocturnal rise and take the audience into a sentimental journey to the magic of a midnight bath in the sea.
- Choreography : Alice Rensy
- Dancers : Yang Hao, Jessica Cheung.
- Music : Elizete Cardoso & Luis Bonfa, Tigran Hamasyan, Ennio Moricone, Mozart, Tchaikovsky
- Lights : Alice Rensy.
- Duration : 55mn

Cabinet of curiosites / boutique

Presentation of unusual and curious objects, the cabinet of curiosities gives the opportunity to discover, admire - and buy - various objects of art and decoration: photographs, paintings, shells, stuffed animals, horns, minerals, jewelry, books , tableware .. The term cabinet originally describe a room rather than a piece of furniture. The classic cabinet of curiosities emerged in the sixteenth century ,although more rudimentary collections had existed earlier. It provide a solace and retreat for contemplation through symbolic arrangement of the display, ceremoniously presented.
The seventeenth-century cabinet s were filled with preserved animals, horns,
tusks, skeletons, minerals as well as other interesting man-made object s :
sculptures wondrously old, wondrously fine or wondrously small; clockworkautomata;
ethnographic specimens from exotic locations. Often they would contain a mix of fact and fiction, including apparently mythical creatures.

For more information, please consult the website of "Projet Noir" : http://www.projetnoirhongkong.com/

publié le 10/10/2014

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