Professor Cedric Villani will present his book "Théorème Vivant" at the French bookstore “Parentheses” on April 14, 2016 [fr]

Prof. Cédric Villani, Fields Medalist 2010, will be at the French bookstore "Parentheses" on April 14, 2016, to present his book entitled "Théorème Vivant (Living Theorem)".

Professor Cédric Villani is a French Mathematician, director of the Henri Poincaré Institute and professor at the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1. He received the Fields Medal in 2010, the equivalent of "Nobel prize in Mathematics."


As a Analysis specialist, he worked on topics on Statistical Physics, Optimization and Riemannian Geometry. Outstanding popularizer with an outdated and baroque look, Cédric Villani "puts the spotlight on Mathematics everywhere! Regardess the public, we always find a common language to share. "

He is the author of the autobiographical novel called "Théorème Vivant" published in 2012 by Grasset. It tells the story of his progressive mathematical progress and his years as Research professor from 2008 to 2010.


It is about a real "road trip" of a young talented researcher, from Kyoto to Princeton and from Lyon to Hyderabad, whose author writes, day by day, a logbook. Between passionate exchanges with his collaborator and fellow traveler, a few choruses of songs hummed over the equations and wonderful stories passing from him as a father to his children, we follow the slow and chaotic development of a new theorem which brought him the most prestigious award of the mathematical world.

Antithesis of the traditional popular science books, " Théorème Vivant " is a passionate song that we read like an adventure novel, with portraits of some of the biggest names in the history of Mathematics and sprinkles of equations bringing its reader an irresistible fascination.

Notice to all those who keep a cruel memory of the study of functions and the solution of equations with more than one unknown: " Théorème Vivant " will reconcile you to this science, whose magic, beauty and poetry, are all well transmitted by the grace of Cedric Villani’s passion.


See you on Thursday, April 14, 2016 at 4pm at the French bookstore "Parentheses"!

When? 4-5pm
Where? Parenthese
2/F Duke of wellington House
14-24 Wellington street, Central, Hong Kong
Free event and open to everyone! RSVP required

For more information, please visit here

publié le 19/12/2016

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