Prof. Cohen-Tannoudji at the France-Hong Kong distinguished lectures

JPEG Prof. Claude Cohen-Tannoudji, Nobel Laureate in Physics in 1997 for the development of methods to cool and trap atoms with laser light, gave a lecture on 13th January 2012, at the City University of Hong Kong as part of “The France-Hong Kong Distinguished Lecture”.

An audience of a hundred people including the President of the City University of Hong Kong and Prof. Bensoussan, former President of INRIA and CNES, attended his presentation on "Advanced in atomic physics from quantum to optical pumping gases".

The "France-Hong Kong Distinguished Lecture" is a series of high-profile lectures under the auspices of the French Academy of Sciences. It is co-organized by the French Academy of Sciences, and City University of Hong Kong with the support of the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macao.

Since 2005, they regularly host internationally renowned French scientists such as Professors: Jean-Marie Lehn, Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1987 (2010) Jean Salençon, former President of the Academy of Sciences (2010), Albert Fert, Nobel Prize in Physics in 2007 (2009), Jean Christophe Yoccoz, Fields Medal in 1994 (2008).

Mr. Arnaud Barthélémy, Consul general of France in Hong Kong and Macao and Prof. Claude Cohen-Tannoudji

publié le 18/01/2012

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