Presentation of Ecole Polytechnique at La Salle College [fr] [中文]

On Thursday, June 1st, a presentation of the new École Polytechnique Bachelor program took place at La Salle College Hong Kong.


The Bachelor is a 3 year program taught in English in its entirety. It is designed for both international and French students of academic excellence. The program follows a multidisciplinary approach which is based on mathematics and research-focused. As part of the programme, students would work in the laboratories and interact with scientists on a regular basis, particularly during their third year.

Established in 1794, the school has borne a tradition of scientific excellence and commitment to serving the common good.


Ms Kristina Lutsik, ‎International Cooperation & Communications Manager at École Polytechnique , presented this program to students at La Salle College. École Polytechnique is a leading French institute which combines research, academics, and innovation of science and technology. The presentation was followed by a question-and-answer session.


According to UNESCO , France is the fourth country hosting the most foreign students in the world. Over the past 15 years, the number of students in international mobility has doubled, reaching 4.3 million. This rate of increment is twice as fast as the surge in the world student population. In an increasingly competitive context, France continues to attract more foreign students every year. Almost 310,000 international students chose France as their destination for studying in 2015.

Details for applications for École Polytechnique Bachelor program for the 2018 intake will soon be available on their website.

For more information about this Bachelor program and the Ecole Polytechnique:

publié le 07/06/2017

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