The Consulate General of France invests energy to encourage scientific communities in Hong Kong and Macao to cooperate with France in a sustainable way.

We dedicate our financial and human resources, as well as our institutional network relations, to provide connections to both French and Hong Kong/Macao on-coming partners.

The mobility of young or experimented researchers is particularly supported in order to create, enhance or consolidate research collaborations.

Under the Department of Culture, Education and Science (SCAC) of the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau, the Office for Science and Academic affairs promotes the cooperation between higher education institutions and scientific research centres from France and Hong Kong or Macau.

By creating opportunities of exchanges between the actors of the scientific and academic community in their areas of ​​expertise, by organizing campus visits, by funding research mobility programs and scholarships in France, our office is committed to creating and developing sustainable collaborations between France and Hong Kong/Macau.

Some key features of the scientific and academic cooperation in Hong Kong/Macau are:

  • More than 100 partnerships – mainly exchange programs at the higher education level between Hong Kong and French universities. More details here;
  • France is the second destination for Hong Kong students in Europe with more than 520 visas delivered in 2015;
  • More than 250 French students are present in Hong Kong (which represents the largest European student population in Hong Kong);
  • More than 80 Scholarships are managed annually with a total budget of 200 k€ . More information on the scholarship website.
  • 4 associated research laboratories are hosted in Hong Kong universities. More details here;
  • A joint funding program between the Research Grant Council in Hong Kong and the French National Research Agency (ANR) has been founded since 2012 with a total budget of 2 millions € annually;

The Hong Kong higher education is nowadays considered as one of the most competitive in the world. As the Asian education hub, Hong Kong/Macau universities are open to internationalization. The quality and specificity of French higher education, which is renowned worldwide, has yet to be promoted here in Hong Kong and Macau.

publié le 09/02/2017

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