Pre-opening of the Cop21 in Hong Kong : Screening of "Ice and the sky" by Luc Jacquet [fr]

On Saturday 28 November 2015, during the Hong Kong French Film Festival, Alliance Française de Hong Kong and the Consulate of France in Hong Kong and Macao had the pleasure to organize a screening of "Ice and the sky" directed by Luc Jacquet followed by a sharing, as a pre-opening of the 21st Conference of the parties which takes place in Paris between 30 November and 12 November 2015.

Nearly 350 spectators, including families and scientists, came to the screening and expressed their points of view, worries as well as questions to the speakers.
Ice and the sky by Luc Jacquet.

Presented at the closing of the Cannes festival in late May, Ice and the sky is an extraordinary reflection on our planet and its mechanisms. In 1957, Claude Lorius went to study the ices of the Antarctic. He tells us the story of our Globe and our future which is closely related to the impact of mankind on our planet. This is an extraordinary scientific and human adventure, as well as a story of a life devoted to track the climate secrets kept profoundly underneath the ice.

Room for discussion and sharing
Three sharing guests from different and exceptional background came to express their points of view and discuss with the public the scientific and ecological message sent by Claude Lorius during the film.

Lin Liu, Hong Kong glaciologist and professor at Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), led 6 expeditions in the Arctic in order to pursue his researches about the melting of glaciers and climate change. He co-operates actively with the Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change to raise public awareness of the effects of climate change and the adaptation which climate change causes.

Christelle Not, French geochemist specialized in paleoceanography and assistant professor at the University of Hong Kong, studies the climate conditions in the Arctic Ocean. Dr. Not spent three months on a research vessel so as to go around the Arctic Ocean. During the last ten years, she lived and worked in Canada, France, Japan and Germany.

Nathalie Yuen, student of CUHK, went to the Arctic with her schoolmates of CUHK for 7 days. It was an occasion for her to discover fauna, flora and way of life totally different from those of her daily life and wonder about the relation which all urban citizen should have with Nature.

The entrance hall of City hall Theatre showcased some photos of the exhibition “Climate, the 360° exhibition”, organized by Universcience and presented by the Consulate General of France thanks to the support of the BNP Paribas Foundation. This exhibition unveils how every region of the world react to the ecological threat.


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publié le 01/12/2015

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