Photography Talk: So Long, China 1982-2015 by Patrick Zachmann [fr]

A glance at modern China history through the eyes of the Magnum photographer.


For more than 30 years, Patrick Zachmann has been exploring China, that he first discovered through movies in 1982.

From the triad of Hong Kong in the 80s to the revamp of Beijing or Wenzhou, from the Tiananmen event in 1989 to the terrible earthquake in Sichuan, Patrick Zachmann tells the small and the great histories of a rapidly changing country in his book “So long, China”

Tying this multi-decade work together is the question of identity, which has arisen as a key issue for new generations, who often feel unmoored. “So long, China” is also an exhibition, currently taking place at “La maison européenne de la photographie” in Paris.

This exceptional encounter at the AFHK will introduce a handpicked selection of photos (in both B&W and Colors) which depict both the evolution of China and the photographer himself, who is now a member of Magnum.
His works include photos from the Mafia in Naples, the North district of Marseilles, “Mare Mater” and “Enquête d’identité ou Un Juif à la recherche de sa mémoire” (Inquest on Identity or a Jew in search of his memory) series.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity!

AF library – Jordan Centre
1/F 52 Jordan road

10 June, 7pm
In English
Free entrance - Open to all

“I became a photographer because I have no memory. Photography allows me to reconstruct the family albums I never had, the missing images becoming the engine of my research. My contact sheets are my personal diary.” ─ Patrick Zachmann

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Talk presented by Alliance Française de Hong Kong

publié le 30/05/2016

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