Paris Europlace Financial Forum 2012 in Hong Kong (Report)


"I hope that I have convinced you that Paris - which is a leading financial center in the Eurozone - has all the advantages and can contribute positively to the process of the RMB internationalization.
And that in the context of the acceleration of economic reforms, Investors from Hong Kong and China must accelerate their investments and activities in Europe and in France.
Paris EUROPLACE is more than ready to develop a more active and fruitful cooperation with Hong Kong international financial center. We would like to develop more business opportunities between Paris and Hong Kong and cross our experiences in terms of the development of our financial centres".

(Mr. Arnaud de Bresson, CEO, Paris EUROPLACE, extracts from his keynote address at "Europe & Asia Financial Synergies : the Paris/Hong Kong Offer", Paris Europlace Financial Forum Hong Kong, November 30, 2012).

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Paris Europlace Financial Forum Hong Kong, 30 November 2012 (Report)
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publié le 07/12/2012

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