Paris Combo is back! (Le French May 2016) [fr]

Paris Combo has drawn raves from the critics and Hong Kong audiences by their outstanding performance in 2014 and they are coming back! After 5 albums and two decades spent criss-crossing the globe, Paris Combo is doing a world tour since 2015 with a new collection of songs, the aptly titled “5”.

Having a unique cosmopolitan sound, this French band is considered as one of the most piquant, intriguing groups on the international music scene. Fronted by the mischievous vocals of chanteuse Belle du Berry, the combo have struck a chord with critics and audiences alike for their fun-loving mix of jazz, cabaret, gypsy, French pop, Latino and Middle Eastern rhythms.


One exciting highlight of the concert is that this time in Hong Kong, Paris combo will re-interpret several tunes with some Hong Kong guest artists, members from renowned fusion band SIU2. Melting down borders between genres, the band weaves sounds of traditional Chinese music instruments (sheng, sanxian, zheng), and western instruments (piano, bass guitar and drums).
It is one-of-a-kind and its sound not something one can hear anywhere else, a sonic portrayal of the juxtaposition of disparate cultural elements in Hong Kong. Want to see how Paris Combo and SIU2 make western and Chinese music sparkle in their hands? The 2 nights of exclusive live performances are definitely not to be missed.


Le French May - Paris Combo and Guest SIU2
Date: 20th & 21st May, 2016
Time: 8pm
Venue: The Hong Kong Jockey Club Amphitheatre, HKAPA
Price: $480/$380/$280/$180

Tickets are available at HK Ticketing

Paris Combo and Guest SIU2 concert is a Le French May event presented by Alliance Française de Hong Kong

publié le 11/05/2016

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